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Mini bath bombs, especially those shaped like rubber ducks, are a delightful addition to any child's bathtime routine. These whimsical bath-time accessories not only make the water fizzy and fun but also come infused with a Sweet Bubblegum scent that is sure to enchant young bathers.

Designed with children in mind, these bath bombs are not only appealing in shape and scent but are also formulated to be gentle on skin, making them a perfect choice for little ones.


The allure of a rubber duck-shaped bath bomb lies in its ability to transform an ordinary bath into an extraordinary sensory experience. As it dissolves in water, it releases a burst of colour and a fragrant bubblegum aroma, turning bath time into a fun and fizzy adventure.

This sensory stimulation is not only enjoyable but can also encourage children who are generally reluctant to bathe to look forward to this daily routine.


130g Bag

Mini Duckies

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