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Harry Potter is a beloved series of books and movies that has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. One of the most memorable characters from the series is Dobby the House Elf. Dobby is a small, elf-like creature with large, floppy ears and big, round eyes. He is known for his loyalty and bravery, as well as his love of socks.


One of the unique features of Dobby is the purple colour inside his ears. This is a distinctive trait that sets him apart from other House Elves in the series. Additionally, Dobby is known for his love of the orange creamsicle scent, which is a sweet, fruity fragrance that is often associated with summer.



Orange Creamsicle:

Sweet and summery, this fragrance oil smells just like an Orange Creamsicle!




As our Bath Bombs are all made by hand some may not float, but please do not be disappointed. They still create amazing colours and scents!


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