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"Spiderman, Spiderman......Here comes the Spiderman!!"


Spider-Man is a popular superhero loved by many kids and adults alike. For the superhero fan in your life, consider surprising them with a Spider-Man themed bath bomb!

This bath bomb is designed to be kid friendly and won't leave any staining or mess behind. To make it even more appealing, it comes with a grape soda scent that will leave your little one smelling fresh and fruity.


This bath bomb is perfect for parents who want to make bath time more enjoyable for their kids. The grape soda scent is sure to be a hit, and the fact that it won't leave any mess behind makes it a win-win for everyone. So why not treat your little superhero fan to a fun and exciting bath time experience with the Spider-Man bath bomb?



As our Bath Bombs are all made by hand some may not float, but please do not be disappointed. They still create amazing colours and scents!


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