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Suprise Gemstones!


These egg-shaped bath bombs have a surprise gemstone inside, adding to the excitement of using them.

Mermaid egg bath bombs are made with essential oils, which not only contribute to the delightful fragrance but also provide benefits for your skin. Essential oils can help moisturize and soothe skin, making it feel soft and refreshed. Additionally, the bright and vibrant colours of the bath bombs can help create a relaxing atmosphere, making it easy to unwind after a long day.

Mermaid egg bath bombs with gemstones inside and essential oils not only provide a luxurious and fun experience but also offer benefits for your skin. So why not treat yourself to a colourful and fragrant bath bomb today?


1 of 9 Gemstones can be found in each Mermaid Egg.


Green - Jasmine/Orange

Blue - Morning Bliss (Peppermint, Lavender and Frankinscence)

Pink - Rose

Purple - Lavender

Dark Purple - Eucalyptus/Lime/Mint




As our Bath Bombs are all made by hand some may not float, but please do not be disappointed. They still create amazing colours and scents!

Mermaid Egg

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