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The rubber duck toy and bath bomb combo is the perfect addition to any child's bath time routine. The rubber duck toy is cute, colourful, and adds a playful touch to bath time. The bath bomb is a fun way to make bath time more exciting, and the Bubblegum scent is a hit with kids.


The #1 seller status of this product is no surprise, as it combines two kid-friendly items into one fun package. The bath bomb dissolves in the water, releasing a delightful scent and turning the water into a colorful, bubbly oasis with the Icing.


Parents can rest easy knowing that this product is safe for their children. The rubber duck toy and bath bomb are both made with kid-friendly materials and are free from harmful chemicals. 

Unicorn Duckie

  • Unicorn is made of rubber. Adult supervision required under age of 5

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